Dogsland Trilogy

J. M. McDermott delivers the stunning new fantasy novel, Never Knew Another — a sweeping fantasy novel that revels in the small details of life.

Fugitive Rachel Nolander is a newcomer the city of Dogsland, where the rich throw parties and the poor just do whatever they can to scrape by. Supported by her brother Djoss, she hides out in their squalid apartment, living in fear that someday, someone will find out that she is the child of a demon. Corporal Jona Lord Joni is a demon’s child too, but instead of living in fear, he keeps his secret and goes about his life as a cocky, self-assured man of the law. Never Knew Another is the story of how these two outcasts meet.

Never Knew Another is the first book in the Dogsland Trilogy.

Trade Paperback – 978-1-59780-215-4

250 Pages – $14.99


“Never Knew Another is a weird but perfectly formed koan of identity, memory, loss and loneliness. Dark, moving, and unique.” – Felix Gilman

“McDermott has a flair for subtle world-building. His fantasy settings and associated systems, cultural, magical, and otherwise, are as integral to his novels as his plots and characters; indeed, the three are so tightly interwoven as to be aspects of the same thing. Characters and their motivations cannot be understood in isolation from the context of their cultures and the history of their worlds… Dogsland is one of those rare fantasies that must not only be read, it must be deciphered, translated, absorbed. In short, learned. Those are the fantasies that stick with me, that I keep coming back to, and that I keep searching for as a reader.” -Paul Witcover, Realms of Fantasy, April 2011

“A narrative that could have been dreamed up by someone like Charlie Kaufman or Christopher Nolan. Of course there’s more to Never Knew Another than a cool concept, like the way recognizable fantasy elements are integrated into the unconventional narrative to create something that seems familiar and therefore accessible but is actually refreshingly different.” – Robert Thompson, Fantasy Book Critic, January 2011


Cover Art by Julian AldayJ. M. McDermott returns to Dogsland in the stunning novel When We Were Executioners, book two of a sweeping fantasy series that revels in the small details of life. Corporal Jona, the demon-stained Lord of Joni, died in the woods. His lover, the Senta Rachel Nolander, is a demon-tainted fugitive, running from the wolfskin-clad priest and priestess of Erin, who track her through the city based on dreams plucked from Jona’s crying skull, plotting to cleanse the world of the lovers’ demonic taint. Past and present collide as the tale of two ill-fated outcasts unfolds, and the executioners of Erin grow ever closer to their quarry.


When We Were Executioners
J.M. McDermott. Night Shade (, $14.99 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-59780-338-0

“The second Dogsland novel picks up where Never Knew Another left off, with a wolfskin-wearing priest and priestess of Erin reconstructing the last days of Jona, Lord Joni, a half-demon corporal of the King’s Men, from residual dreams that imbue his found skull. Hoping to track down and terminate two similarly demon-tainted Dogslanders of Jona’s acquaintance—Rachel Nolander, his lover, and Salvatore Fidelio, his detested enemy—the priestly pair follow Jona’s memories through adventures that include his clashes with drug smugglers and his assassination of suitors to the daughter of a powerful lord, whereby Jona hopes to manipulate the succession. McDermott make Jona a compelling antihero, by turns ruthless and compassionate. The author’s real achievement, though, is his vivid evocation of Dogsland, a quasi-medieval realm whose squalor, depravity, and brutality give credible context for the best and worst behaviors, as well as the novel’s subtly fantastic goings-on.” – Publisher’s Weekly, Reviewed on: 12/12/2011

Watch for the Walkers of Erin back in your bookstores in February, 2012!


We Leave Together, the final book in this trilogy, is out now, at long last.WLT_FC

In a city where the rich stage decadent parties as the poor suffer in squalor, where assassins prowl and king’s men keep order with truncheons and force, where gangs of children run like dogs and addicts die in the streets, a demonic strain has taken hold. The shape shifting priestess and priest of Erin have come to Dogsland stalking a fugitive, half-breed Senta Rachel Nolander, and plot to burn her to cleanse the world of her demon-tainted blood. Led ever onward by Rachel’s corrupted lover’s crying skull, Erin’s agents seek their hapless quarry, a frightened girl guided by one promise, one hope, one prayer… We Leave Together.

Cover Art by Julien Alday
Cover Design by Scott R. Jones

Pub Date: June 15, 2014

Format: Trade Paperback, 256pp
ISBN-13: 978-1-939905-04-8

Format: eBook
ISBN-13: 978-1-939905-05-5