Have any of these guys ever actually been to a mosque?

I was curious if most of the folks who are hating on this mosque of death and doom have any real perspective on the situation. Have any of them attended a mosque? Do they have any idea what the services are like?

I will admit, personally, to a failure to attend a service at a mosque. I have been to services in Catholic churches, various evangelical and non-Catholic Christian places, and a couple Buddhist temples. I am Catholic, by choice and upbringing. I also have been drawn to Buddhism because I’ve found the Dalai Lama to be a marvelously superior spiritual leader compared to most of the Catholic ones I’ve encountered of late, with their anti-gay anti-women ideologies. I’ve also noticed meditation works. I guess, at the moment, I’m moving in the direction of a multi-class Buddhist/Catholic. (Kind of like a Monk/Paladin in DnD terms? A strange combination, but it seems to be working for me.)

I’ve been meaning to attend a Jewish ceremony for some time, if only because I find the religion and its writings and history quite beautiful and soulful. I never went for the same reason I barely attend Catholic service. I’m really, really busy, and sleeping in on the weekends is a very desirable thing. I generally go to Buddhist Temples when I’m stressed out.

I’ve never been to a mosque, and never really thought about it until right now.

Cultural sensitivity begins with an open mind to new experiences. I’m willing to bet if most of the people screaming about mosques all over the country actually attended a mosque’s service, and sat down for coffee with some of the mosque members afterwards, all this nonsense would fade away.

Islam is no more a hotbed of terrorist religion than Christianity is a hotbed of terrorism.

I wonder, fair readers, have you ever attended service at a mosque? What was it like?


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