things to pack for maine…

i’m off to the far north next week, as part of my graduate work towards an MFA, and i thought i’d share my list of things to pack:

tortilla chips
real salsa (they have none in the north…)
my houseplants who will not survive alone for long
my xbox 360
ALAN WAKE, for the XBox 360 (I’m in Episode 3, and its fun so far!)
my stuffed goomba to keep me company
the complete Cowboy BEBop, (don’t leave home without it)
“House of Leaves” which I am almost through reading, and it is awesome
“The Third Bear” by Jeff VanderMeer, which should be in my mailbox this week *fingers crossed*

i have no intention of attending class. i’m just gonna go up there, hang out, eat and sleep.

(unless i find out i can’t graduate if i don’t attend seminars, in which case all my best-laid plans go right out the window!)


3 thoughts on “things to pack for maine…

  1. I know! Silly requirements (like do I REALLY need to finish writing my dissertation? Honestly?) But you should figure that most of the speakers are bringing their own whiskey (though in Maine it seemed to always be Johnny Walker) and the real fun (uh, learning) happens sometime after 11 PM.

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