i name characters after whiskey

there was this guy in this thing i wrote, and i couldn’t think of anything to name him, so i named him Jameson until I came up with something better.

I’ve named characters Jack, Daniel, and Jim, John, and all sorts of other things. I’ve called gods “Makers”, and considered whiskey the reason why other writers of gods probably did the same.

Then, later on, I figure out what to call the character, for real, in the big show. I get that name that’s right and works. In my mind, though, they will always be named for whiskey.

I figure parents probably always call their kid the same thing they called the fetus when they didn’t know the gender or the name.

I figure if that day comes for me, I’ll probably name the fetus after the whiskey that contributed, and in my mind he/she’ll always be Jameson or Jack Daniels, or Little Crownie.

I reckon that’s what it’ll be.


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