Trying to beat the games I have…

Popping games into easy mode and pounding through for the sake of beating thongs before I buy anything new. Beat uncharted at last. The game is like candy, with bright , pretty levels, and bright, pretty characters with something that quite nearly resembled a plot. The thing about games like this that irks me is the need for layer upon layer of bad guys and boss bad guys to make the game long enough. Also, the suspension of disbelief was negatively impacted by the surprising appearance of main characters at convenient spots. If anything the game would have increased length of playtime with a tighter plot by allowing the player to play as the different characters in different scenarios, and even allowing them to die if the play on until everyone is dead.

I guess being on an monster and mercenary island while spelunking for Spanish and Inca gold would have been a more interesting survival horror game, to me. All the elements were there. All that lacked was the urge of the design team to take their platformer to the next level of immersion. Back to Bioshock, then…


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