i don’t like book trailers.

was thinking about book trailers, and the possibility of making one.

was thinking they’re the silliest thing i’ve ever seen emerge from the world of book marketing. i mean, really, people. you’ve got to be kidding me. anyone ever buy a book because of the trailer? ever had your opinion swayed by one? i haven’t. more to the point, i have never, ever seen a book trailer with the kind of power and grace of something much closer to what a book trailer should be: a quick written preview of the style and tone of the book done with words and words and words and a little subtle imagery – static as book covers – but only words.

basically, this is the only “book trailer” that ever got me to buy a book:


it illuminated the book more than any video i’ve ever seen.

mayhap i’ll emulate it, in my way. but, i’d rather do nothing than do something crappy.
this is the most important thing to remember about book promotion: only do what you can manage to do well. avoid anything you cannot do well until such time as you can do it well. doing something poorly is worse than doing nothing at all. *cough* If I may give you an excellent example of how to do it very, very, very, very poorly:

Doing something bad is worse than doing nothing at all. Before this awful trailer, I had no preconceived notion about the book whatsoever. Right now, I cringe at the idea of even touching the book, because it burns me, this book, after such terrible advertising.


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