White Dwarf, Vancouer BC

Perusing over to my acknowledgments page, one might notice that I mention Vancouver, BC quite highly. I was working as a dog-sitter for relatives and writing my ass off one summer, when I was waiting for galleys and contracts. A large and arduous part of my first novel was the years spent in limbo waiting for Discoveries to finally, actually, DO IT! JUST DO IT! ARGH! And, alas, the imprint folded not long after finally doing it.


I read like a fiend, whilst dogsitting. I bought numerous books from White Dwarf, happily and cheerfully. My favorite discovered gem was an early cyberpunk classic by John Shirley, City Come A’Walkin, that was otherwise unavailable and out of print.

Anyhow, I’m pleased to see Google Alerts send me news that this fine shop of all things SF/F is carrying my title.

I have fond memories of that little shop, and their fine staff, and I am very happy to see that my humble book has entered their shelves.



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