Kansas, and the being of not there

At the grocery store last night, I was trying to find Italian Seasoning. You know, the staple of my herb diet, wherein various and diverse “Italian” seasonings from Rosemary to Sage to Oregano are packed together into one spice jar?

I went to the store, here in Georgia, and looked around. And looked around. And…

Huh. I’m not seeing it.

I asked a nearby attendant where such a thing might be. He looked at me like I was crazy.

“You mean… Old Bay Seasoning? We got that.”


“They don’t make Italian. They got a Caribbean. It’s okay if you like that sort of thing.”

No. No no no no no. Italian… Seasoning… Not Old Bay.

Again, pointed to the large, two full shelves of various and diverse Old Bay Seasonings and knock-offs.

We both walk away from each other, then, believing the other to be crazy.


4 thoughts on “Kansas, and the being of not there

  1. Hey D.D.!I’m going to try a different grocery store, a bit higher end. I had hoped to pick up some fifty cent Italian Seasoning with my fifty cent cinnamon and fifty cent garlic powder. I’m going to check whole foods and other places before I start reaching out for people to send me stuff.Someone has to carry it. I mean, Emeril Lagasse slaps his face all over it. It has to be for sale at Whole Foods.

  2. J. M.Yo might even try the local Dollar store. They carry lots of odd stuff, and what you want might be considered odd for Alpharetta…D. D.

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