I’ve been invited to Conestoga 2009, but…

I’ve been invited to Conestoga, 2009, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I would like to go, sure, but I can only go if certain conditions are met (not by the con committee, of course, no! Conditions met by my loyal fans! That means you!).

To go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, I will need…

#1) a carpool of some sort to reduce the cost of travel, preferably me riding in someone else’s car for a split of the gas money. Also, I will need…

#2)someone to split a hotel room with me, because my “traveling to cons” budget is running pretty tight, at the moment. Also, most importantly, I will need…

#3) a general public outcry in the comments, or in my e-mail that I will let my Olahoma-based fans down if I do not attend.

If all three of these conditions apply, I will do my darndest to attend Conestoga.

I have heard excellent things about this Con from friends like Rachel Caine, Cat Conrad, Brad and Sue Sinor, and numerous others. I’d actually love to go. But… con travel budget at the moment is tighter than Sir Blackadder’s British wit right now.

Want to help with any or all of the conditions above? Drop me a line in the comments, or in my e-mail.


5 thoughts on “I’ve been invited to Conestoga 2009, but…

  1. I am debating going up to Conestoga with William Ledbetter and awesome fun gang, but I haven’t really committed to it yet. If I do, I’d be happy to give you a lift.:P

  2. Sounds like this is a Go!I’ll alert Conestoga’s people.(Someday, I’ll be a Guest of Honor, and they’ll fly me in, give me a swank hotel room, and assign me a personal lackey. This will be a great convention. Unless you are the lackey. If you are the lackey, it will be the worst experience of your life.)

  3. You know, Michelle, Shawn, I had a thought:A car that seats multiple individuals might be an excellent way to pile as many humans as possible into the tonnage of a single, internal combustion engine. Thusly, our carbon imprint is reduced, and our pooled dollars spent on gas per mile is also reduced.

  4. I’m OK with that. I have a Nissan Sentra, which is both a fuel saving vehicle and capable of transporting 4 adults (or twenty circus clowns).Though, being from Texas, this seems like an odd concept–this saving of gas and reducing carbon footprint business might be against the bible.

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