How come no one told me about this?

Apparently, according to SFAwardsWatch, and, to be even more specific, my google alerts, I was a finalist for a 2009 Crawford Award.

I would have liked to know that before the winner was announced! I mean, how am I supposed to bribe the judges with chocolate, absinthe, and the severed heads of various farm animals if I’m not made aware that I’m even on the ballot until it’s all over and done with?

Congratulations are in order to Daryl Gregory, whose book “Pandemonium” is deemed the winner!

(Does he even know, yet? Did anyone tell him? Or, will he also find out from his google alerts?)


3 thoughts on “How come no one told me about this?

  1. news to me, tooweird, you’d think they’d announce the selection of the shortlist before the award, wouldn’t you, drum up a bit of publicity? I don’t know how these things work I suppose

  2. You’d think they’d do that, right?Then, actually announce a winner at the event.At least I kept some good company on the shortlist.Felix, you need to convince the Benbrook Public Library to carry Gears of the City. I’m too poor to buy a hardback right now and I hate having to wait for the paperback!

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