Best New Year Resolution Ever!

I’ve come up with an even better New Year’s Resolution!

I resolve not to die in 2009!

I like to keep my goals simple and to the point, when it comes to resolutions. This is exactly the foundation of the kind of life I would like to lead this year.


6 thoughts on “Best New Year Resolution Ever!

  1. AHA, found you.I somehow had a feeling that I was acknowledged in a book out there somewhere!The first rule of resolution club is to not die.The second rule of resolution club is to resolve to not talk about resolution club.

  2. Ben! How the heck are ya?Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Ben Fasenfest, who was the unfortunate suitemate of an author, and thusly found his namesake brutally executed after a long and painful journey.

  3. Wait, or are you Preston with a haircut?I looked at the picture and assumed it was Ben because it was a skinny guy with short black hair in California. But, on second glance, hey I think it’s Preston Partridge! Also a suitemate of mine, and also brutally executed.(On a related note: Preston or Ben, or whichever one you are, be sure to sign your posts when you make contact with someone after, like, five years!)

  4. It’s Preston, without the long hair. Which means I’m really Preston from an alternate dimension… and I currently have a beard, which means I’m evil alternate-dimension short-haired Preston…Unless I was evil to begin with. OK, I’ve got to go shave now.I’ll shoot you an email later. And try to find you on the MyFace or SpaceBook, or whatever newfangled thing the kids are using to exclude others with these days.Saw Stephen this past weekend and he pointed me towards your book, which I now have to buy and read.

  5. If you search down the right side of the blog, you will notice links to both MySpace and Facebook.Great to hear from you Preston. For the record, you are *absolutely nothing* like the character Partridge. That was part of the fun of naming characters after my friends. Stephen gets to be a glorious, world-conquering imperial prince instead of Trek-obsessed Physicist introvert. Ben gets to be an understated, rough and tumble killing machine. Etc.

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