Horatio the Mute assures me…

Horatio the Mute assures me he will catch the escaped Snaggletooth Spider soon. He has laced his own mouth with traps. He sleeps with his jaw open, and various dental aromas smeared all over his body.

In the mean time, I sleep on the porch stoop, for I need my teeth in full health.

It’s quite cold outside. I need a very warm blanket, and ear muffs.

My neighbors have no idea what’s going on, and I don’t want to tell them. I’d hate for some zoning laws to fine me for my odd bestiary.


One thought on “Horatio the Mute assures me…

  1. My imaginary creatures and I have taken an oath of silence until this scourge is over. I had a similar problem with my Guavanese Lashlicker, a bird from the island swamplands of Guava. I try to keep her in a cage, but when loose she loves to feast upon eyelashes, eyebrows, and even false eyelashes. I have managed to preserve my ocular hairs, however my father was not so lucky. To this day he still has no eyebrows.

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