What do you want to promote?

All comments promoting something – anything – will be moved up into the main post before tomorrow.

Tell me what you want to promote, and let’s all check it out, together!

Edit: Only one comment this Sunday? I guess you’re all watching football, or enjoying the lovely fall weather. Well, anonymouse wished to promote something. It isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I made this post, but hey, the readers will get what they want!

[quote] Pure Love – Not romantic love, not true love – The kind of love that gives without expecting anything in return [/quote]

I actually don’t quite understand what that is, but I consider it thoroughly promoted, now.


3 thoughts on “What do you want to promote?

  1. Anonymous wants agape love. Me? That would be nice too. But I would like promote freehannah.com . Cause she’s a friend, and we loves her lots.Also, I wanted to promote reading, but seeing as to how you are an aurthor, and therefore, should also be be a reader (not the firefly type), it would be redundant.

  2. Hunh. I don’t have anything to promote.Well, I do have a trunk novel coming out in November from Trunk Novels, but it’s not out yet. And it’s, you know, a free trunk novel so I’m not exactly doing the snoopy dance about it. (Although I do still like the book.)I almost typed spoony dance instead of snoopy. For some reason I’m finding that an amusing mental image.

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