to answer your questions…

No, I have not gotten to reading your books, yet. My pile is very high, I know. It grows and grows.

I also must write books of my own. Seriously, I’m close enough to the end o’ this draft, I can smell the bottle of wine that is to be my reward.

I just have to kill like three more people, okay! Also, a troll! Oh, and I have to unkill a couple people, too. Apparently, I needed them later and I thought I wouldn’t.

The only thing I’ve been reading is the same book, very very slowly and only a touch at a time. Because I’m writing.

Hi-ho, Hi-ho,
Back to work I go…


8 thoughts on “to answer your questions…

  1. Lola, just don’t do the Dylan Thomas method. Or Poe’s technique, yeah, that’s strictly for the pros. Now Charles Bukowski — but you need a castiron liver for that one. Joe, what’s more fun, the killing or the unkilling?

  2. Do you need to ask, Lola?The killing. If the killing wasn’t way more fun, I wouldn’t have gratuitously murdered and cannibilized those folks.I’ll be happy to teach you any drinking rituals you need to learn, but I think Patrice will have to chaperone because I’m a bad, bad man.

  3. the unkilling can be fun in its own way. I’m sure that I’ve given a few characters a sense of whiplash. “Jeez, lady, make up your mind! Dead, not dead, just give me a break!”(Joe, you want me to confirm that you are bad bad bad or you want me to attest to your sainted qualities?)

  4. I’m glad my books don’t have killing yet. I don’t think I could handle the killing or the unkilling. But I’m writing a kidnapping right now… it’s still pretty funny though because it’s a mistaken kidnapping and there’s some gay sex fantasy innuendos in there.Bad can be good.

  5. Well… a little yes. Except throw in some Greek myths, gay men, indie music and much much more comedy. Maybe like Will & Grace meets Xena… plus Fraiser, but in Austin.haha. I have a hard time explaining my own novel. Awesome. I should work on that before I start sending queries to agents.

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