they found me!

On September 12th, I’m going to go to my old alma mater and talking to some young adults about being a writer, and how they, too, can be writers when they grow up. It’s like career day, except I’ll be all by myself. Which doesn’t scare me. If I screw up and they all hate it and me, all it means is I don’t ever go back again. Right? Worst case scenario: never return to my high school again.

You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to write a story about, like fucking SWAMP THING going back to his high school and giving a talk to students about how they could grow up to be Swamp Thing. Or, a vampire. Maybe some kind of ghostly apparitional entity.

Ooh, or Cthulu!

Yes, that is how I will keep my cool while presenting to lots of children. I’ll just remember that this is all fodder for the story that I will write about Cthulu returning to his high school, and talking about how kids can be a Priest to an Elder God when they grow up. (First, study real hard in your non-Euclidian Geometry class…)


3 thoughts on “they found me!

  1. I haven’t been as active in commenting on your posts but I have been reading them and I just wanted to say that they usually make me smile. Thanks for the brief break from my new constant stress headache. Oh and I’m going to use a passage from your book as an example of good imagery next week at our first writers workshop meeting! I thought you’d like to know.

  2. I’m quite crushed with a Halloween deadline. What better day for a deadline than Halloween, the scariest, deadest day of the year?Back to the maze, folks. Don’t eat the flowers, and try to stick together. Stragglers get eaten in the tessaracts…

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