while pirate elvis sleeps off the hangover of all this rum-soaked fried peanut-butter and banana sandwiches, go read this essay by cat valente that will make you a better/smarter artist:


Also, go pick up a book of hers. They’re all good. The Orphan’s Tales are especially caramel-coated in robot/manticore/popess goodness.


2 thoughts on “

  1. It posted too early again. That was a great essay though. Makes perfect sense too. I don’t write poetry anymore but I used to and therefore I can definitely relate. Plus people that suffer or have suffered are better writers. She’s right, readers are sadists.

  2. Wait, is that rum-soaked sandwich or rum-soaked bananas? Seems like a rum-soaked sandwich would just be soggy, but bananas…yum!Oh, and nice link. Heh.

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