i knew it…

adsense be saying i get so and so many hits… but people don’t be reading to the end, except for Lola.

I’m not mad. It’s my fault for not being more interesting. Really, I don’t blame you, fair reader. If my blog post is dull, than don’t read it.

Let’s try this again:

First five comments get a free, official LAST DRAGON button.


11 thoughts on “i knew it…

  1. I read your posts on my RSS reader, but have been remiss in coming by to comment. I am going to start reading Last Dragon soon, too – it’s finally at the top of the ‘to read’ stack!

  2. I already have a button (The Count who sits next to my computer is wearing it at the moment), but I do read your blog. I just don’t comment very often. I think a lot of people are the same way–I know I don’t get a lot of comments at my blog, but occasionally I’ll get a comment from someone who’s obviously familiar with what I’m up to. And my blog is 10,000 times more boring than yours. :)

  3. My adsense is showing WAY MORE pagehits than just the regulars – who I have in intention of making feel bad, btw, and I’m sorry if I did, Lola and K.C.! – and I was curious if these were really people.Also, the world needs more stuffed animals sporting snazzy buttons.e-mail me your address dawno:sankgreall gmail comKC? Want another one? I’ll send you one. I never said prior button-weilders were disqualified. (Remind me what your address is, same e mail!)

  4. That’s probably true. I’m a chronic commenter though. Even in life. I’m a movie talker, I’m that person that talks to the tv. *shrug* I can’t help it, I also like to comment on my professors during class. I hate not having a companion that thinks my side comments are amusing.

  5. Yeah, well I think if I increased my commenting anymore (I try very hard to tone it down) I might seem stalker-ish. Or even more stalker-ish then I already do. Which isn’t the impression I’m going for.I also wish my comments were more clever but I usually say whatever I’m thinking at the moment which isn’t always super clever. I’ve never held with that rule of thinking before you type. *shrug*

  6. Hey, Charles!Getting people to comment is difficult, which is why I added the inducement of a free button.Did you get one? You should get a button! Remind me what your address is via e-mail!I sent some out today, and some will go out later this week.Dawno, feel free to wear my button around town and tell everyone it’s because *you* are actually J M McDermott. I think it would be fun to have impersonators like Elvis.

  7. I loaned my copy of Last Dragon to a cousin, and now he won’t give it back. I’ll email you my address again for another button (thanks!) and I’ll swap him the button for the book. Like a geeky version of Indiana Jones (“throw me the book and I throw you the button!”).

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