i don’t get this. can a techie explain?

i cannot open my yahoo e-mail. i haven’t been able to for quite some time.

i can stop the page loading, and view the source code. then, i can read the message just fine, mixed in with all the garbledegook of descending htmls and xmls and javas.

if i can view the source code without a hitch, how come i can’t actually open the darn e-mail in a browser window proper?

snakes alive this has become not only annoying, but career-dampening!

so, techies, any lowdown or throwdown on my yahoo meltdown?

(this has been happening since before i ran my computer over with my car…)

wild speculation encouraged.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO blame the Greycaps…


3 thoughts on “i don’t get this. can a techie explain?

  1. Were you using the old yahoo or the new yahoo?I suspect the browser couldn’t load the thing, whether the browser itself is old/incompatible or your Internet connection is too slow to load all the data.Try switching to a different browser and see if it works on that other browser. Or better yet, someone else’s computer. If you’re using the “new” yahoo, I suggest reverting to the “classic” one.

  2. I’m using a Gateway that got hit by a car a couple weeks ago.Though, the problems did come on and off before the rear bumper and undercarriage of my car arrived on the scene.I’m also using Windows XP.I still blame Greycaps.

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