ever get the feeling…

people are sayin’ stuff about you and you have no clue what’s going on?

Translation, please?



7 thoughts on “ever get the feeling…

  1. Your friendly neighborhood stalker to the rescue using his Google-fu powers:Some new books this is my first contributions to Upsalafandoms blogg and I intended to use it to that tipsa about some new given fantasy books that have got a great part attention up in bloggosfären.The first is Last Dragon of J. M. McDermott. McDermotts first novel is given on Wizard of the Coasts new label Discoveries, that is intended for new fantasy literature that does not consult together with their role playing worlds. He had the trip, or the bad luck, to become compared with both Gabriel Garcia Marquez and direct Wolfe in press-releasen as the publish house sent out, what admittedly done that I got up the eyes for the book, but at the same time created expectations that are outermostly difficult to live up to.McDermott has said that his objectives with Last Dragon where to type a big epic fantasy series in an one only volume, through using differently” literary and post office modern engineers”, something that clearest seems to do himself applying in that he forgoes from one linear storytelling and instead lets the world and statement fallow forward in fracture paragraphs and vinjetter. This lets as a very ambitious and dared projects that either would can to become very interesting or far too illegible, but on the basis of most reviews I steadied on lets it as about McDermott actual has succeeded. Jeff VanderMeer asks itself about we in this book already has got the year’s goodest first novel, Paul Witcover praises McDermotts dexterous hantlag and originalitet and OF Blog of the H cases highlight the author’s economic berättarstil.Personligen thinks I this lets that one of the most interesting fantasy books that I steadied on for a long time and it already ordered and on road home with the post office. With little trip perhaps I up to and including comes membrane to read and to review it within one not everything pursues distant future.

  2. Charles, that’s poetry! Now, let’s run it through the Swedish chef machine translator to elevate it to even higher altitudes of art!Seriously, it’s fascinating that machine translation on the web has become so good that you can make out what a text says perfectly well. I could give you a proper translation, but frankly, it’s not necessary. The machine translation does it well enough: Jesper has read praise of Last Dragon and promptly ordered it. I think I will do the same.

  3. Johan: well, to be fair, that wasn’t the first translation I got and had to look for a more sophisticated and free translation software before I got that one.Of course it’s interesting if JM suddenly becomes a Swedish phenomenon, the way Jeff Ford is popular in France…

  4. Charles, you are awesome.And, just in case you didn’t know, Jeff Ford isn’t just popular in France.He’s popular everywhere.He’s awesome!Did anyone else read “The Way He Does It” in Electric Velocipede. Holy Crikey, I wish I could write something that awesome.

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