i like this cafe

two men are sitting across from me. One of them is reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five”. The other is reading “The French Revolution” by Mr. Doyle.

I like to ask people what they’re reading. I am always curious to see how people feed their brains.

Of course, the question arises: do people read one thing at a cafe and another at home, where no one is looking?

Hm. I do know that my computer will probably stop working any second now, and I just wanted to say that I have been taking a ride on an airship with Thomas Pynchon, and I am most pleased. Most, most pleased.

Indubitably, this text is most delightful.



2 thoughts on “i like this cafe

  1. As much as possible, I try to keep the hardcovers at home because they’re bulky and heavy. But aside from that, there’s few books that I’m “ashamed” to read in public.

  2. I’ll be the first to admit that I won’t read my copy of the Book of Mormon (which I acquired in a vaguely sub-legal manner) in public.Also, I rarely gander at romance novels where people can see. gotta pretend to be a tough ol’ cowboy, right?

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